Friday, 13 September 2013

Wish List: University Homeware

Hello there,

Very soon I will be starting back at University in a new house, and in order to make it homely I've been looking around for additions to my room. Most student houses can look bland and boring, but I want to make my room stand out and as I will be spending a lot of time in my room studying I want it to be somewhere I enjoy! So here are some finds....

001. Argos Full Length Mirror ... A full length mirror is an essential for me!
002. Argos Lamp ... There isn't much natural lighting in my room so this decorative lamp would be perfect
003. Asda Hanging Heart .. Little additions like this heart make rooms a little more prettier and personal
004. Asda Mirror ... This would sit ideally on top of my fireplace and would be great for doing my make up
005. Matalan Clock ... Last year I always found myself looking round for the time so this is necessary!
006. Asda Flowers ... These scented flowers are a great concept to make my room look and smell nice
007. Asda Duvet Set ... I really like the elegant style of this damask print duvet cover
008. Matalan Bin ... The faux leather and the design spruce up a boring but very essential bin
009. Asda Cushion ... This cushion is cute and quirky and I think it would go very well in my room

That is all for now, 

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