Tuesday, 27 August 2013

#TheSOProject : Skincare

Hello there,

So to start of the SO Project this week is Skincare! I've always had trouble finding the right routine and products, a LOT of trial and error. Along the way I've found out what my skin type is (a tricky one), what my skin likes (or more importantly doesn't like), and that the most expensive brands aren't necessarily always the best! I think the most important part of skin care is that everyone is different what might work for one person's skin, might not work for another person. I would say that you should try to have a routine and in this include 3 main stages:
001. Taking off make up and prep-ping your skin for example something like Bioderma or another brand of micellar solution or cleansing water as they tend to not have a lot of ingredients. Personally, I try to avoid make up wipes because they dry out your skin, and actually I've found that a good micellar water can remove make up even better than some wipes. But as I said, it works differently for everyone.
002. The second main stage would be a wash of some kind. I use Clearasil wash as this works very well for me and my spots. But most washes that contain benzyl peroxide will work to fight against those pesky, unwanted spots. I have used Clean & Clear and Clarins before but this gave my skin a reaction, so make sure you use the right one for your skin, not just because it's a hyped brand.
003. Finally is moisturise! Everyone should find a good moisturiser that works for them, dry or oily skin, there are SO many options out there. But it is an important step! It doesn't have to be a top high end brand, I use No7 and it works great for me.
Now, you can include other steps and products such as a gel, or targeted creams, or more cleansing/toners. But I have found the above as important ones.
Also, one step that is sometimes overlooked is a face mask. I would suggest doing a face mask once a week to deep clean your skin. Try to use one that doesn't have too many ingredients and even has natural ingredients. The one I use is Superdrug Mud Mask as I can feel it really working!

Hope this helps!
Thats all for this week's #theSOproject installment!


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  1. Great post, I use Bioderma and I love it!

    I'm involved too, if you fancy checking my post out I'm at bethanyworrall.com x

    1. Its so good! ok, i'll have a look! :)