Sunday, 25 August 2013

Starting Off : #TheSOProject

Hi there,

So starting from Tuesday I will be joining around 120 other bloggers in the Starting Off Project!
This is an awesome idea created by Steph from Steph's Inside Voice, which will aim to help younger teenagers starting out getting to grips with make up. There will be a new product each week for 10 weeks. the different products are:
001. Skincare
002. Concealer
003. Foundation
004. Bronzer
005. Blusher
006. Mascara
007. Eyeliner
008. Eyeshadow
009. Lips
010. Make Up Tools

Not only with this help out newbies but it'll help me to choose my favourite in each category, because I certainly have a lot!

Search #theSOproject on Twitter!


(P.S. Expect a cheeky second post tonight!)

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