Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My 5 Beauty Staples

Hi there, 

So over this summer I have gone away to visit friends and on holiday a few times and I have always had the dilema of 'packing lightly'. Now this is a major problem when it comes to clothes, I can never decide what is necessary, a girl needs 'options', but every single time I only end up wearing about 50% of the clothes I take. However, when it comes to beauty items I manage to pack just what I need. This is because I have my essential staple items! So here they are....

001. Essie Fiji Nail Polish ... I have become addicted to this stuff! I have repurchased it 4 times in the past 12 months, and I have never repurchased the same nail polish. This just shows my love for this little pot of lovely. It is the right colour for all seasons and matches all clothing, can't go wrong! Whenever I don't know what colour to paint my nails I revert back to my trust Fiji. Therefore it has to be a top 5 staple!

002. Vichy Dermablend Foundation ... I discovered this while watching one of my favourite Youtubers 'Tanya Burr A while back she reccomended this foundation and said that it is good for problem skin, which I definitely have. I have never had a favourite foundation so I thought £15 was rather a lot to pay, but once I took the plunge in Boots I haven't turned back. Its the right colour! (This has been a mission to find) and it feels nice! So this staple deserves a round of applause!

003. Maybelline Rocket Mascara ... I have always used Max Factor False Lash Effect, and while I would definitely reccomend that, I thought I should venture it new mascara territory. About 3 months ago I fed into the 'Rocket' hype and bought myself one. This is the same, if not, dare I say it slightly better than the Max Factor. It does what it says on the tin, or tube in this case, and gives volume so this has to be a staple!

004. L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray ... As I have a lot of hair when it comes to curling it and making it stay put for more than 2 hours can be an ardious task of spraying a ridiculous amount of hairspray until my hair is rock solid. But when I found Elnett it made the task a lot more easier. I use the 'supreme hold for very voluminous hair' and it works! With the added bonus of actually being able to brush my hair afterwards. So this staple wins one of the top spots!

005. Calvin Klein Secret Obsession ... The smell of this perfume is addictive. The first time I smelt it I knew it would be a necessity for me, but saying this I always feel guilty spraying it because the more I spray the faster its runs out, but I can't not! Its a viscous cycle. I have managed to make it last a long time though and I will definitely be repurchasing this staple!

I feel that by having my top 5 set in my mind it makes packing slightly less time consuming. So definitely give it a go!



  1. I have had my eye on Essie Fiji for ages, but it seems to always be out of stock in my boots!
    Becky xx

  2. oh no! keep looking it's definitely worth it!...or try online, might even find it cheaper! :) Patricia x