Tuesday, 27 August 2013

#TheSOProject : Skincare

Hello there,

So to start of the SO Project this week is Skincare! I've always had trouble finding the right routine and products, a LOT of trial and error. Along the way I've found out what my skin type is (a tricky one), what my skin likes (or more importantly doesn't like), and that the most expensive brands aren't necessarily always the best! I think the most important part of skin care is that everyone is different what might work for one person's skin, might not work for another person. I would say that you should try to have a routine and in this include 3 main stages:
001. Taking off make up and prep-ping your skin for example something like Bioderma or another brand of micellar solution or cleansing water as they tend to not have a lot of ingredients. Personally, I try to avoid make up wipes because they dry out your skin, and actually I've found that a good micellar water can remove make up even better than some wipes. But as I said, it works differently for everyone.
002. The second main stage would be a wash of some kind. I use Clearasil wash as this works very well for me and my spots. But most washes that contain benzyl peroxide will work to fight against those pesky, unwanted spots. I have used Clean & Clear and Clarins before but this gave my skin a reaction, so make sure you use the right one for your skin, not just because it's a hyped brand.
003. Finally is moisturise! Everyone should find a good moisturiser that works for them, dry or oily skin, there are SO many options out there. But it is an important step! It doesn't have to be a top high end brand, I use No7 and it works great for me.
Now, you can include other steps and products such as a gel, or targeted creams, or more cleansing/toners. But I have found the above as important ones.
Also, one step that is sometimes overlooked is a face mask. I would suggest doing a face mask once a week to deep clean your skin. Try to use one that doesn't have too many ingredients and even has natural ingredients. The one I use is Superdrug Mud Mask as I can feel it really working!

Hope this helps!
Thats all for this week's #theSOproject installment!


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Style Favourite: Ankle Boots

Hi there,

So its coming round to Autumn and my favourite part of buying new clothes ready for the cold English weather, is getting myself a new pair of ankle boots. I buy a new pair every year and I'm just obsessed with finding the perfect pair. Ankle boots are so versatile, I wear them with trousers, leggings, skirts, dresses, shorts (literally everything!) I usually go for tan and suede. Now tan does go with a lot, but suede certainly does not go with the rain. Many times I have fallen victim to wet feet walking along in the pouring rain. But for some reason I'm always drawn to the suede look. This year I'm trying to find some leather (or perhaps faux leather) ankle boots. Here are some of my favourite finds so far....


Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm A Hobo Bag : #BagItUp

Hi there,

Over on the Next Blog they've brought back the flowchart quiz that was oh so frequentely used in tween magazines throughout the nineties and noughties. I used to look forward to grabbing my copy of 'Shout' or 'Mizz' (remember those!) and follow the charts to find what tv show character or girl band member I was most like. The Next Handbag Quiz was no different. I read and followed the squiggly lines to find that I am a Hobo Bag! I think this is definitely me, although I do like lusting after the occasional designer bag, the Hobo bag is a staple for any student. Its oversized and slouchy, perfect for cramming books, paper, pens and the beauty essentials.
So I decided to put together an outfit that would go with one of the bags I found on the Next website. This bag is great, it has all the requirements I need: roomy, handle options and a safe colour that can be matched with different outfits! And to top it off it is within a student budget!

001. Next Boucle Sweater This would be perfect for the casual look of the bag. Its oversized and cosy for walking to University or out shopping.

002. Next Zip Ponte Leggings The leggings here also go with the causal feel of this outfit, but the zip accent make them look a bit different.

003. Next Rose Gold Chain Necklace Adding a necklace spices up the outfit and gives it an extra feature to make it stand out a bit more.

004. Next Clean Sludge Boots These boots are a similar colour to the bag, which makes this effortlessly casual outfit look like its been thought out.

005. Next Grey Mono Slouch Bag Finally the bag that fit me best. This hobo bag is a great size for all of my University necessities, and the colours give it a chic look.

There is my take on the Hobo Bag look!


Starting Off : #TheSOProject

Hi there,

So starting from Tuesday I will be joining around 120 other bloggers in the Starting Off Project!
This is an awesome idea created by Steph from Steph's Inside Voice, which will aim to help younger teenagers starting out getting to grips with make up. There will be a new product each week for 10 weeks. the different products are:
001. Skincare
002. Concealer
003. Foundation
004. Bronzer
005. Blusher
006. Mascara
007. Eyeliner
008. Eyeshadow
009. Lips
010. Make Up Tools

Not only with this help out newbies but it'll help me to choose my favourite in each category, because I certainly have a lot!

Search #theSOproject on Twitter!


(P.S. Expect a cheeky second post tonight!)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My 5 Beauty Staples

Hi there, 

So over this summer I have gone away to visit friends and on holiday a few times and I have always had the dilema of 'packing lightly'. Now this is a major problem when it comes to clothes, I can never decide what is necessary, a girl needs 'options', but every single time I only end up wearing about 50% of the clothes I take. However, when it comes to beauty items I manage to pack just what I need. This is because I have my essential staple items! So here they are....

001. Essie Fiji Nail Polish ... I have become addicted to this stuff! I have repurchased it 4 times in the past 12 months, and I have never repurchased the same nail polish. This just shows my love for this little pot of lovely. It is the right colour for all seasons and matches all clothing, can't go wrong! Whenever I don't know what colour to paint my nails I revert back to my trust Fiji. Therefore it has to be a top 5 staple!

002. Vichy Dermablend Foundation ... I discovered this while watching one of my favourite Youtubers 'Tanya Burrhttp://www.youtube.com/user/pixi2woo. A while back she reccomended this foundation and said that it is good for problem skin, which I definitely have. I have never had a favourite foundation so I thought £15 was rather a lot to pay, but once I took the plunge in Boots I haven't turned back. Its the right colour! (This has been a mission to find) and it feels nice! So this staple deserves a round of applause!

003. Maybelline Rocket Mascara ... I have always used Max Factor False Lash Effect, and while I would definitely reccomend that, I thought I should venture it new mascara territory. About 3 months ago I fed into the 'Rocket' hype and bought myself one. This is the same, if not, dare I say it slightly better than the Max Factor. It does what it says on the tin, or tube in this case, and gives volume so this has to be a staple!

004. L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray ... As I have a lot of hair when it comes to curling it and making it stay put for more than 2 hours can be an ardious task of spraying a ridiculous amount of hairspray until my hair is rock solid. But when I found Elnett it made the task a lot more easier. I use the 'supreme hold for very voluminous hair' and it works! With the added bonus of actually being able to brush my hair afterwards. So this staple wins one of the top spots!

005. Calvin Klein Secret Obsession ... The smell of this perfume is addictive. The first time I smelt it I knew it would be a necessity for me, but saying this I always feel guilty spraying it because the more I spray the faster its runs out, but I can't not! Its a viscous cycle. I have managed to make it last a long time though and I will definitely be repurchasing this staple!

I feel that by having my top 5 set in my mind it makes packing slightly less time consuming. So definitely give it a go!


Monday, 19 August 2013

My First Year: No Longer A Fresher

Hello there,

So in just over a month I will be returning to University as a 'Second Year'. I was looking at the website for my Uni's freshers week for this September and I felt a bit jealous of the new arrivals. Summer 2012 was full of anticipation and excitement for what was to come. Many of my friends who had already spent a year at University told me their experiences of First Year, the fun they had, the new friends they made and how it had become their new homes. I asked myself whether it was true... was it really that good? I found out that YES it is, better in fact! It is something you need to experience yourself because a second-hand explanation doesn't do it justice.
While there were a LOT of boxes resembling building blocks taking over the space in my bedroom being filled up with 'student essentials' and my many, many belongings, I can remember feeling both hesitant about this new journey I was about to embark on. Would it be hard? Would I find friends? Would I miss home? I had accepted the fact that maybe I would find a couple of friends, but those original thoughts vanished within the first few days. In fact I was very lucky and now at the end of the first year I have several good friends and I even found my BEST friend!
I would sum up Freshers Week with 3 words: Friends, New, and Drink. Everyone was super friendly, after all we didn't know each other so everyone was trying to be as social as possible. However, the people you meet in the first week won't necessarily be your friends for the whole year. Everything was new, new subject, new environment and new experiences, sometimes you got the feeling of being a little kid in a bit city. But you soon become accustomed to the surroundings. And finally as in well-known it is a week full of partying, every night was the obligatory pre-drinking and then off to the University Hall with hundreds of other freshers. Within the first month I had my feet firmly set in University life. This for me entailed, housemates bursting into my room, a copious amount of essays and assignments, the weekly nights out, the struggles of having to decide what to cook, the struggles of having to prioritise paying for food over my shopping addiction and uncounted new experiences.
Before I knew it Christmas was round the corner and Semester 1 was complete, not before the frantic last minute essay submitting. During the month off I definitely missed being in halls and couldn't wait to get back. However, what I could wait for were the upcoming exams. The first few weeks I was back were full of 24/7 revision and late night trips to the shop for much needed 'brain food' i.e. a plentiful amount of chocolate and completely unhealthy, but much needed snacks. Semester 2 was a whirlwind, it literally flew by. It consisted of more work, outings with coursemates, even more nights out and then back round to the joy that it is revision. Finally came end of exams, summer ball and moving out of halls.
On reflection I don't remember every exact day of my first year, the word to sum it up would be FUN!
 If I had to give any advice it would be to ENJOY yourself at every given opportunity. Don't let little things get you down, there's no point, just make the most of everything! I had to take a year out to resit a couple of my A Level exams so I definitely appreciate being able to go to University. After all, aside from the actual having to work, it is 4 years full of good times. Although I will miss being in halls, I certainly can not wait for the year to come and my resolutions for the coming year would be:
1. To be open-minded    
2. Take up new opportunities  
3. Keep better track of my finances (my shopping is going to have to be restrained)  
4. Continue enjoying myself!

'We're young enough to say this has got to be the good life'

That is all for tonight,


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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wishing On Wednesday

Hello there,

So as the shopaholic that I am it would not be right if I wasn't constantly lusting after some top in the Topshop website or a perfect party dress from my window shopping trips to H&M. However, being a student, finances aren't always strong so my gigantic wardrobe full of amazing pieces of clothing will have to hold on (for now). I do like to keep an archive of items I desire, I think that buy holding out from buying them it will ensure that I'm truly decided that I need that top in my collection of clothing. In the past I have fallen victim to a spontaneous buy that 50% of the time either I never wear, or on second try on doesn't look as great (those changing rooms can be deceiving). Therefore, I thought that by making my list even smaller by picking out a few pieces I really, really can not live without will help my addiction. Hopefully this method of  narrowing down will limit my spending too. I am going to post a few of my favourite weekly selections as a 'Wish List' on Wednesdays. This way I can have the objects of my desire posted so all can admire with me. So here I start this weeks wishes....

001.  Zara Navy Strappy Top £22
First up is this beauty from Zara. Some may say it's a more expensive version of the chiffon camis available in most high street shops, but do not be mistaken this is much more. I really like the print, haven't seen one like it so far, and the inner navy lining gives it an expensive feel that Zara do well. I can just picture now the different ways I can style it.

I have to say over the past few weeks each time I have entered my local New Look shop I have tried this dress on. It's the perfect fit and length (which can be hard to find with my height) but I am still not 100% sure whether I will wear it enough, it is a summery dress although it is thick enough to wear with tights in winter. I am going to have to give this a think, and maybe one more try. 

003. H&M Checked Blouse £19.99
At first glance this appeared to be an ordinary checked shirt, however it has a chiffon-like material. I hadn't seen a shirt like this before so I had to take it straight to the changing rooms. As soon as I put it on I loved it, it fits well and the length is just right, and it doesn't look too overly smart for daytime. Next time I am in H&M I think I may just buy it (and its purple, how can I reject it).

004. H&M Top £12.99
I am in love with this top and have been since I spotted it in the H&M magazine that came through my door in May. The design is perfect, and the price is pretty decent. Not so perfect is the fact that my size is always sold out and I can never find it in-store. While I wait for the website to re-stock I am going to have to imagine myself wearing it and one day it will be hanging beside my other tops.

All of last winter and spring I was looking for a jacket just like this for Uni, and never found the right one, but now during summer when we are actually having a heatwave I find it. Luckily for me though as it is summer it is on sale, so I am sure that I am going to grab this deal. It will be perfect for autumn when Britain returns to its natural state of cold and rain. 


006. Topshop Strappy V-Neck Cami £18
Last but by no means least is the cami that everyone is wearing and every high street store is bringing out. I have tried the New Look and Primark ones but I really want the original, the material is so soft and there is so much variety in colour. This colour in particular is ideal for autumn. I may just be taking this home with me next time I visit Topshop (with my trusty student card in hand).

Happy reading,


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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Sweet Escape

Hello there,

First things first, welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to read it. This is a little outlet for all my thoughts and as the title of this blog states, my musings of my shopaholic life with a student budget. I am currently going into my second year of University, but as I am currently mid-way through my 4 month long, long, long summer I thought I would venture into the blogging scene. I'm no pro-writer but hopefully someone will come across my posts and enjoy reading them. I've enjoyed reading blogs and watching youtube vlogs for about 2 years, so I thought I would set myself the challenge of writing some posts. I like all things fashion related but I also like scrolling through endless instagram and pinterest photos of be-a-u-tiful, far away destinations that one day I will visit. 

For now, the lastest episodes of Eastenders and Hollyoaks await me so I'm off to grab a cup of tea.