Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#TheSOProject: Bronzer

Hello there,

So for this week's Starting Off Project the topic is Bronzer. I've had my fair share of Bronzers but I have never been able to find the perfect one. There are so many that are 'raved over' that its hard to pick out the best one. I do think that there isn't a bronzer that is universally perfect for everyone. We all have different skin types/colours so Bronzers can look different on us all. A very dark Bronzer can look too harsh on someone with very fair skin but perfect on someone with a darker skin tone. So you need to make sure you pick the right one for you! There are some requirements that I look for that I think you could apply for your Bronzer search.

001. Colour/Pigmentation... You want to try to find something that is the right colour and pigmentation for you. Do you want something with very good pigmentation? or something will a more diluted colour in order to get a more natural look? There are many colours of Bronzers so choose one that you think looks right on you

002. Ingredients... This can be very important if you have sensitive skin like me! I have had a bad reaction to some Bronzers, including high end ones! If you know ingredients that your skin doesn't work with try to avoid them.

003. Ignore the price...The best Bronzers can be pretty cheap, it doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive to work the best (although of course there are exceptions). Find a Bronzer that you like, that your skin agrees with and that you think looks good!
At the moment my bronzer of choice is one my Superdrug's own brand of make up 'B.'. Currently, this bronzer is perfect for me. It is not a standard burnt orange Bronzer colour, it also has hints of a dark pink blush like colour. The mix of colours blends very well to make a soft Bronzer look. Personally, I think this works well for day and night.

Hope this helps!


Friday, 13 September 2013

Wish List: University Homeware

Hello there,

Very soon I will be starting back at University in a new house, and in order to make it homely I've been looking around for additions to my room. Most student houses can look bland and boring, but I want to make my room stand out and as I will be spending a lot of time in my room studying I want it to be somewhere I enjoy! So here are some finds....

001. Argos Full Length Mirror ... A full length mirror is an essential for me!
002. Argos Lamp ... There isn't much natural lighting in my room so this decorative lamp would be perfect
003. Asda Hanging Heart .. Little additions like this heart make rooms a little more prettier and personal
004. Asda Mirror ... This would sit ideally on top of my fireplace and would be great for doing my make up
005. Matalan Clock ... Last year I always found myself looking round for the time so this is necessary!
006. Asda Flowers ... These scented flowers are a great concept to make my room look and smell nice
007. Asda Duvet Set ... I really like the elegant style of this damask print duvet cover
008. Matalan Bin ... The faux leather and the design spruce up a boring but very essential bin
009. Asda Cushion ... This cushion is cute and quirky and I think it would go very well in my room

That is all for now, 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

#TheSOProject : Skincare

Hello there,

So to start of the SO Project this week is Skincare! I've always had trouble finding the right routine and products, a LOT of trial and error. Along the way I've found out what my skin type is (a tricky one), what my skin likes (or more importantly doesn't like), and that the most expensive brands aren't necessarily always the best! I think the most important part of skin care is that everyone is different what might work for one person's skin, might not work for another person. I would say that you should try to have a routine and in this include 3 main stages:
001. Taking off make up and prep-ping your skin for example something like Bioderma or another brand of micellar solution or cleansing water as they tend to not have a lot of ingredients. Personally, I try to avoid make up wipes because they dry out your skin, and actually I've found that a good micellar water can remove make up even better than some wipes. But as I said, it works differently for everyone.
002. The second main stage would be a wash of some kind. I use Clearasil wash as this works very well for me and my spots. But most washes that contain benzyl peroxide will work to fight against those pesky, unwanted spots. I have used Clean & Clear and Clarins before but this gave my skin a reaction, so make sure you use the right one for your skin, not just because it's a hyped brand.
003. Finally is moisturise! Everyone should find a good moisturiser that works for them, dry or oily skin, there are SO many options out there. But it is an important step! It doesn't have to be a top high end brand, I use No7 and it works great for me.
Now, you can include other steps and products such as a gel, or targeted creams, or more cleansing/toners. But I have found the above as important ones.
Also, one step that is sometimes overlooked is a face mask. I would suggest doing a face mask once a week to deep clean your skin. Try to use one that doesn't have too many ingredients and even has natural ingredients. The one I use is Superdrug Mud Mask as I can feel it really working!

Hope this helps!
Thats all for this week's #theSOproject installment!


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Style Favourite: Ankle Boots

Hi there,

So its coming round to Autumn and my favourite part of buying new clothes ready for the cold English weather, is getting myself a new pair of ankle boots. I buy a new pair every year and I'm just obsessed with finding the perfect pair. Ankle boots are so versatile, I wear them with trousers, leggings, skirts, dresses, shorts (literally everything!) I usually go for tan and suede. Now tan does go with a lot, but suede certainly does not go with the rain. Many times I have fallen victim to wet feet walking along in the pouring rain. But for some reason I'm always drawn to the suede look. This year I'm trying to find some leather (or perhaps faux leather) ankle boots. Here are some of my favourite finds so far....


Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm A Hobo Bag : #BagItUp

Hi there,

Over on the Next Blog they've brought back the flowchart quiz that was oh so frequentely used in tween magazines throughout the nineties and noughties. I used to look forward to grabbing my copy of 'Shout' or 'Mizz' (remember those!) and follow the charts to find what tv show character or girl band member I was most like. The Next Handbag Quiz was no different. I read and followed the squiggly lines to find that I am a Hobo Bag! I think this is definitely me, although I do like lusting after the occasional designer bag, the Hobo bag is a staple for any student. Its oversized and slouchy, perfect for cramming books, paper, pens and the beauty essentials.
So I decided to put together an outfit that would go with one of the bags I found on the Next website. This bag is great, it has all the requirements I need: roomy, handle options and a safe colour that can be matched with different outfits! And to top it off it is within a student budget!

001. Next Boucle Sweater This would be perfect for the casual look of the bag. Its oversized and cosy for walking to University or out shopping.

002. Next Zip Ponte Leggings The leggings here also go with the causal feel of this outfit, but the zip accent make them look a bit different.

003. Next Rose Gold Chain Necklace Adding a necklace spices up the outfit and gives it an extra feature to make it stand out a bit more.

004. Next Clean Sludge Boots These boots are a similar colour to the bag, which makes this effortlessly casual outfit look like its been thought out.

005. Next Grey Mono Slouch Bag Finally the bag that fit me best. This hobo bag is a great size for all of my University necessities, and the colours give it a chic look.

There is my take on the Hobo Bag look!


Starting Off : #TheSOProject

Hi there,

So starting from Tuesday I will be joining around 120 other bloggers in the Starting Off Project!
This is an awesome idea created by Steph from Steph's Inside Voice, which will aim to help younger teenagers starting out getting to grips with make up. There will be a new product each week for 10 weeks. the different products are:
001. Skincare
002. Concealer
003. Foundation
004. Bronzer
005. Blusher
006. Mascara
007. Eyeliner
008. Eyeshadow
009. Lips
010. Make Up Tools

Not only with this help out newbies but it'll help me to choose my favourite in each category, because I certainly have a lot!

Search #theSOproject on Twitter!


(P.S. Expect a cheeky second post tonight!)